Rusty screws on your enclosure?

Fino's Screen has the solution! The Nylo-Tec & Pro-Tect solution. Never See Rust Again!

At Finos Screen & Aluminum, we understand the importance of maintaining the quality of your screen enclosure. That's why we offer rusty screw replacement services to ensure that your enclosure remain in top-notch condition.

With our quick and efficient services, you can have your rusty screws replaced in no time.

Don't let rusty screws compromise the safety and security of your enclosure. Contact us today for a free estimate and let us take care of your screw replacement needs.

Nylo-Tec Exclusive Nylon Headed Fastener
Glass-reinforced nylon headed carbon steel screw.

  1. Molded head, not a cap eliminates rusted heads.
  2. More cost effective than stainless, no fastener callbaks.
  3. One driver for all sizes (#10,#12,#14)
  4. Ceramic coated carbon steel shaft provides excellent drivability.

Pro-Tect Patented Nylon Sleeve and Cap
System is formulated for harsh environments.

  1. Miami Dade County approved Blue-Tap fastener.
  2. UV Stabilized to prevent fading. Nylon sleeve encases fastener in nylon.
  3. Ensures coating stays intact.
  4. Isolates from aluminum eliminating electrolysis.
  5. Nylon cap protects head from the environment.

Customers love the finished Look. 10 Year Warranty - Never See Rust Again! .